Bringing You Quality Tire Groovers

Ideal Heated Knives, Inc. has been producing high-quality, electric hand tools in the United States since 1948. We take pride in our affordable tire groover that is used to cut tread patterns for better traction. When so many companies are looking to foreign producers at the expense of product quality, we strive to bring you only the best tools and accessories.

Our Advantage

Our Ideal Tire Groover is widely available on the web. All groover sales are through resellers as we do not sell to end-users. With a wide network of local and foreign resellers, our company aims to develop both reseller and consumer segments.

Who We Serve

Our products are not warranted for a particular purpose, and since we do not sell direct to end users, we do not have detailed typical customer knowledge. Our major resellers appear to be retailers of auto racing equipment, but many types of distributors purchase our groovers.

Our Priority Is your Satisfaction

We are proud to be one of the rare companies that have lasted and thrived to serve its customers when so many others have disappeared. Our long history of customer satisfaction is simply that we offer useful, inexpensive products with high-reliability, and then we stand behind them.

Connect With Us                                    For reseller Information

Choose us and experience the difference our quality products have been making in your markets for decades. Our groovers are available in both 110V and 220V, and we can provide a variety of cords and plugs. See our contact information immediately below.

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