Tire Grooving Made easy and affordable

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Leading Manufacturer of Handheld Groovers

When it comes to portable electric tire groovers count on none other than Ideal Heated Knives Inc. We are proud to offer our Ideal Tire Groover, which consists of an electric handheld tool and a selection of “heads” and blades to use with it.

Durability Is Our Strength

We are the only company producing long-lasting groovers at low cost, with blades and heads that come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. While our products are not warranted for a particular purpose, they are popular with car hobbyists, dirt track racers, self-employed truckers, boggers and tractor owners. For 70 years our durable, American-made products have satisfied countless customers throughout the USA  and worldwide.

Where to buy our groover

Our groovers are widely available for purchase on the web from many different sources. Just search on “Ideal Tire Groover” or “Ideal Heated Knives.” Then shop.

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